blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

The Great Rhode Island Scavenger Hunt.

What could be weirder than this....

The Great Rhode Island Scavenger Hunt.

There WILL be a prize. The kind that arrives in the mail... you know, with an envelope and stamps... mail. And it will be small. Like the state.

Anyway... The scavenger hunt will work like this: post photos (or links) in Weird RI from the specified categories.

I'll announce a start and finish date/time soon. It will be at least 3 weeks long...

Winner will be determined by the overall best post. This will be determined by a combination of factors: first to finish, # of photos, quality, creativity and overall effort.

ANY sort of photo is fine, but please keep it above camera-phone quaility!

Please pre-register... I've done this kind of thing before, and I can tell you its boring if only a couple people do it... so, this will only happen if 15 or more people are into it!
Email me atWeird RI Scavenger Hunt!

What I need/want from everyone is suggestions for ideas, subjects or categories for things to find/photograph for the hunt. I will compile a list of hopefully about 30 "things" to find. Please send this to me with your "I want to participate" email.

Sound fun?

Here's a few of the item's I'm going to start "the list" with... they may or may not make the final cut, depending upon how good your suggestions are.

HP Lovecraft's grave
Yawgoo ski area

That's just a couple to get you thinking...


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