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Feb. 14th, 2005

I rely on the 163/164 bus to and from the Port Authority for my access to NYC. In fact, it is the largest portion of my commute. Tonight I was annoyed... disturbed... enraged - yeah, that's the right word - by my experience.

This evening, I ran up the stairs, and was greeted with they typically LONG line waiting for this local bus. Fine. I jogged into line, and caught my breath.

I happened to notice, though, that there was something going on just ahead of where I was standing. Apparently, a middle aged - elderly woman had fallen and was bleeding from the face/head.

I'm a NY/NJ/Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician -B. Upon seeing this, I jumped out of line and tried to offer help.

The Port Authority worker - I'm not sure of what title/role she has - who was present, would not allow me to assist in helping this woman!

At the very least, I could have provided a more in depth assesment of the womans injuries than the average bystander - she had clearly been on the floor prior to my arrival, and was still there when I left. A PD officer arrived as our bus left, but I'm confident any EMS attention was going to be delayed. - NOT the fault of the NY PD or FDNY!

Although there may have been relatively little I could have done on my own without equipment, an informed, detailed assement provided to the EMS over the radio could better prepare for the treatment of the patient. Maybe this woman just cut herself on the face in the fall - fine. no big deal. BUT, maybe she had a skull fracture in the fall, or had a stroke - which led to the fall - I'll never know, but if allowed to examine her, I may have been able to provide useful info. Instead, she had to sit face down on the dirty Port Authority floor until someone arrived - I hope...

And, what if her injuries were not so obvious at first? No attempt was made to stabilize the womans neck - she clearly sustained a head/neck injury, and is obviously frail - she had a cane with her - broken bones would be an obvious concern here, I'd think!

Hopefully, all is well with her. It just angers me that I now know that this is the standard of care I can expect if I slip, fall, an smash my head in the PA Bus Terminal... Does your brain have to ooze out of your nose in order to get you any real attention???!


Feb. 15th, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)
That's totally crazy. Any thoughts on writing them a letter about how poorly the situation was handled? I know it's more powerful to come from the person who sustained the injury and was not seen to properly for quite some time it seems, but still.

Just crazy.