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Found on craigslist...

----> FREE B&W Snapshot or Vintage Postcard <----
Reply to: oldsnapshot@yahoo.com
Date: 2005-03-08, 8:53AM EST

Contact me at my email address listed above and I'll send you a
vintage b&w photograph or vintage postcard of either a person(s), place, thing,
or institution.

I am currently getting rid of 45,000 snapshots and 10,000 postcards -- one at a

Most snapshots are in GOOD condition and are 3 by 5 inches or
smaller. Postcards are in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition.

All I ask of you is to tell me why this post interests you
and what are your feelings after opening the envelope that I
send you? (I'll provide an email address to respond to with
the snapshot).

THIS IS NOT ME. I just thought others might be interested....


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Mar. 10th, 2005 01:54 am (UTC)
Thanks! that's pretty cool!
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