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Did anyone else see this on FOX 5?

I saw this broadcast last night but found a transcript today...

The following excerpt from live Fox5 local news coverage of the March 20th Times Square rally is interesting because of their shoddy journalism skills and that police will be acting as if afraid of their lives this Saturday. Big potential for police brutality and overreaction if they're scared of their lives.


[after talking about "some unpeaceful protestors" who ran up Broadway and were arrested]

Police will have to use force if these protestors do not cooperate.

However, what police are telling me off the record, off camera, they are telling me that so far it has been peaceful but they think this is not the worst of it.

That it is far from over. This Saturday there is another protest expected here in Times Square 150,000 protestors are expected to show up here and one police officer off camera did tell me without giving me his name that he is afraid for himself because there are 10,000 police assigned to Times Square in order to keep these protests and protestors peaceful however if something does happen things could possibly become dangerous so if you are heading into Times Square I would certainly advise to stay away from it.

Of course everybody has the right to free speech as we know in the media and protestors are allowed they are given permits, two hour permits in today's case, to come out here and voice their messages and concerns against President Bush and the war currently in Iraq but certainly we dont want to put New York City in more danger right now we are just trying to keep New York safe but unforutnately these protestors are unfortunately making it a dangerous place in Times Square if they continue behaving the way those protestors that got arrested just a few moments ago we showed you.

[reporter wraps up and passes the show back to the studio co-anchors]

[Female co-anchor, in an exasperated voice]

You know, free speech comes at a price, nothing is cheap these days. Not only is Operation Atlas costing the city $5 million a week -- all these protests cost the city a lot of money too. So, you know... hooray for free speech but let's not go crazy about it now.

The last part kills me... I couldn't believe a journalist actually said that on television. No matter what your stance on the war, that was a stupid thing to say.

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