October 18th, 2005

Made-up words in The Simpsons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Simpsons television series has used many interesting words and phrases over the years, the most famous of which is Homer's saying: "D'oh!", which is referred to in scripts, as well as several episode names, as "annoyed grunt". D'oh is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and even in smaller ones such as OUP's one volume Oxford Dictionary of English (second edition).
The Simpsons has coined some new words, phrases, portmanteaux, and abbreviations, popularized some existing words and phrases, and also used some existing words and phrases in new ways. This page lists all three (but does not currently differentiate between them): here.


My iMac has been officially declared dead by the Univ. of RI Forensic Computing dept... all data unretrieveable. SO, I have to drive back and pick it up tomorrow and hope that I can get Tekserve to install a new HD (luckily still under warranty) by the weekend.

I'm also ordering 2 LaCie 250 gig external HD's for redundant back up. Money I had intended to spend elsewhere, but this is too important...