March 10th, 2006

< rant >

I've found that sometimes you've just got to walk away from a potential client.

If a band approaches you about shooting them in the recording studio, shouldn't they be able to tell me the address of the studio? We've been speaking for two weeks, so I think so.
If you say you need me "briefly" I'm going to quote you a fee that is only for one hour - I'm not going to "hang out" and wait for good shots. The clock starts when I arrive.
Oh, you don't want to pay for travel? Too bad, its part of my fee.
Don't want to pay for the time it takes me to set up? Umm... lighting a scene is work so yeah, I'm gonna charge for that.
And no, I don't provide an itemized list of how I bill. You tell me what you want and I tell you how much I'm charging. Its easy - hire me or don't but don't gripe about it.