March 14th, 2006

Its a fake.

This image recently appeared in the Feb. 2006 issue of National Geographic Adventure magazine. It struck me as a little "hard to believe..." but I figured hey, its Nat. Geo, so it must be real.

Well, don't you know that they printed a retraction in this months issue in response to letters they recieved questioning the authenticity of the photo.

"Early in the selection process we were assured by the photographer and his agency that the photo was real. While Hawaii is a place where magical things happen, further technical analysis proved - and the photographer eventually admitted - that the image was a digital composite."

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A few weekends ago my friend Tim wrote and recorded all the music to the short film "Bitch" by the lovely and talented Lilah Vandenburgh. Here, now, are some mp3s for your listening pleasure...

Tim says "Lilah wrote most of the lyrics, while I whipped up most of the music in collaboration with her during a two-day span. I spent one day recording and one day mixing: it was fun as hell. Since the music had to fit the mood of individual scenes in the movie, Lilah gave me such instructional hints as "make this sound like The Hives" and "make this sound like Phantom Planet." Did I succeed? You be the judge."

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