August 2nd, 2006

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Ten AM, its 90 degrees in the shade and I'm inside sitting in front of the TV in the air conditioning drinking coffee. I don't have any plans to move all day...

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Anyone have any thoughts/opinions/experience with William Paterson University? I'm specifically looking at thier MFA Studio Art program and the curriculum looks interesting, the cost is reasonable (500/credit) and the location ideal - 20 minutes from my house. I've basically ruled out all the likely schools in NYC, either because of the cost, program design, or other variables.

Any inside info would be greatly appreciated!

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Update: Spoke with Mike @ the station today, and it looks like I'll be on sometime during the 18-19th.
I'll update with specifics when I have them!

I didn't actually expect to get picked, but I was.
92.3FM in NYC asked me to be a guest dj - for an hour.
What songs did I select?

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