August 30th, 2006

Isn't the internet awesome?

Ok, so yesterday I was listening to 92.3 Free FM and the Radio Chick was discussing a new website - . The site invites visitors to share songs that, because of some event or association are now ruined for them (playing when the girl/boyfriend dumped you, etc) So I check the site out - its cool. Then I post it over at Metafilter dot Com. Lots of people agree, its cool. Including some guy at Entertainment

Who knew so many songs drove people nuts?

Personally, mine is "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. Radio stations were playing the heck out of that right up until the early hours of September 11 2001. Then suddenly a song with a chorus of "let the bodies hit the floor...." didn't seem appropriate. I tend to agree, and I'll never be able to disassociate the event and the song.
Good band, good song, horrible luck.