November 28th, 2007

Don't touch that bag!

This is outrageous.

"...One purse was found just sitting on a display shelf in the shoe department at Macy’s. Another one turned up downstairs, in Macy’s Cellar. Yet another rested on a chair in a Midtown McDonald’s, left by a woman who had stepped into the restroom.

In fact, all three items had been planted by police officers in plainclothes during the previous six weeks. And the three people who picked them up were arrested, and now face indictment on charges that could land them in state prison.

Nine months ago, a similar police decoy program called Operation Lucky Bag was effectively shut down by prosecutors and judges who were concerned that it was sweeping up the civic-minded alongside those bent on larceny. Shopping bags, backpacks and purses were left around the subway system, then stealthily watched by undercover officers. They arrested anyone who took the items and walked past a police officer in uniform without reporting the discovery..."

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And in other totally screwed up world news, you can apparently get 40 lashes and prison time for naming your teddy bear "Muhammad" in Sudan.

MSNBC News Services
updated 31 minutes ago
KHARTOUM, Sudan - A British teacher has been charged with inciting hatred, insulting religion and showing contempt of religious beliefs after her class named a teddy bear Muhammad, state media said on Wednesday.

Is there ANY redeeming aspect to this part of the world? If there is, I can't find it. Its crap like this that makes me think a quick nuking of the area might be the best solution.