December 31st, 2007

Just what we needed.... more Hoff.

Two Hour Movie Event Sunday, February 17th
Executive Producer Doug Liman ('The Bourne Identity' Franchise and 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith') and Executive Producer David Bartis ('The O.C' and NBC's 'Heist') have joined together to bring back the 1980's television classic "Knight Rider." The two-hour movie event brings KITT and a talented cast of young and seasoned actors into the 21st century with speed, drama, love and triumph. David Hasselhoff as a special guest star returns as Michael Knight.

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New years booze compared:

1990 Dom Perignon - acceptable. Freixenet Brut - very good and super cheap. The Rolling Rock of champagne, I guess. It'll be even better tomorrow mixed with orange juice, served with steak and eggs I think.

We've had that '90 bottle of DP for 5 years... we must've missed its peak I guess. oh well.