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The University of Rhode Island is offering emergency admissions...

From an Alumni Email.

The University of Rhode Island is offering emergency admission to qualified Rhode Islanders and out-of-state students whose enrollments at colleges and universities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were derailed by Hurricane Katrina.

"The devastation created by Hurricane Katrina has dramatically affected so many people in Louisiana, Mississippi and surrounding areas, among them college students studying in the region. In view of this horrific situation, the undergraduate admissions office is assisting these students, and admitting them on an emergency, space-available basis," said URI President Robert L. Carothers.

"The University grieves for the victims of Hurricane Katrina but knows that the spirits of those so devasted are rich in tradition of survival and recovery. Our community opens its doors to those college students who seek an educational home to continue their work toward building their own futures during these difficult times," added the President.

The University is accepting admissions information over the telephone, waiving the application fee, and connecting students with an academic advisor to assist them in selecting courses to begin classes on Wednesday, September 7th, according to James Lynch, URI dean of undergraduate admissions.

"We will work closely with these students and their parents to get them taken care of over these next few days," said Lynch. "We have already processed about a dozen students for admission and have received inquiries for more than 20 students since yesterday," Lynch said this morning.

Counselors will be made available to students for assistance with admissions and application for financial aid. For enrollment information at URI, please contact Nancy Stricklin at 401-874-7113 or for freshman enrollment; or Joe Walsh at 401-874-7103 or for transfer enrollment.

For further information, please contact the URI Undergraduate Admissions Office, 14 Upper College Road, Kingston, RI 02881. Phone: 401-874-7100.

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