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My name is nathan, and I'm a computerholic.

Yep. The past few days have been really hard. My new iMac G5 crashed, taking the HD and at least a years worth of stuff with it. Please don't tell me to back stuff up... I do, and now know I should do it more specifically, and frequently.
Luckily, I've got a bunch of older Macs. A few hundred dollars later, I've got 2 up and running - so at least I'm able to work... barely.
This has been a real nightmare overall, though. I lost half a photoshoot DURING the shoot - the computer just erased the CF card and its all gone. Reshooting on Sunday, but its totally annoying.

So... Apple will replace my HD. But its going to cost a fortune (thousands) to try to recover info from my HD. It might not be worth it. 1500 to recover the old, or 500 for half a terabyte of back up? I haven't decided.


Sep. 30th, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)
The problem we had was - I'm pretty sure - bad sectors in the area of the disk that OSX was running from. Norton and any other OSX based program we tried to run just... died. But when we booted to OS9, the bad sectors were somehow bypassed and we were able to access the hard drive and back up lots of important files. We had to reformat the drive when we were done, but at least we didn't lose everything. I'll email the directions to you privately. Use them if you'd like - or not - your choice. I'd hate to see you lose any of your hard work.