blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

more computer problems...

Anybody got any thoughts on this...

My powerbook (Pismo, 400mhz, 700megsRAM, circa 2001) has an issue. I've twice now left it plugged in, but off overnight. Then in the AM, it doesn't want to respond to pushing the startup button. I didn't notice the first time, but did today, that the machine was really hot. I opened it up, unplugged it and let it cool down. Then it started right up... Should I simply just not be leaving it plugged in? It doesn't get particularly hot when I'm using it, even after 6 hours... hmm...

Also, any "MAIL" experts out there? I need help juggling 3 accounts. It doesn't seem to like the SMTP settings, and although it was working fine this AM, now I can't send mail. Only recieve.


EDIT: as of 9pm 10/1/05, MAIL seems to have corrected itself. Who knows why...

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