blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

Why not use 2 fisheye lenses at once? Taking surf photography to a new extreme...

Scott Aichner - " I have had this idea in my head for the last 5 years. The idea was to build a camera system that incoporated 2 cameras with fisheye lenes set at 90 degrees from each other, on the the same plane, that shoots simultaneously that would cover 270 degrees of view. Why not use a panoramic camera, I have been asked? Two reasons, first the angle of view from a normal panoramic camera wasn't close to what I was trying to achieve. Second, the shutter speed was too slow to capture action. The original idea was to be able to capture a surfer in the the tube and see out of the tube in the same photograph. Although, after I had built "The 270 Project" it became clear that there was much more to shoot than just waves and surfing. This system was designed to work with 2 film bodies. Why not digital bodies? Two digital full frame bodies is just too expensive."

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