blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

Someone is angry at another country for a change...

It took some searching, but apparently this is the cartoon that's got everyone in an uproar...

Ok. So Muslims aren't supposed to make images of Mohammed. Fine. Why they expect others to adhere to those rules is beyond me. That said, the cartoonists should have known that it would provoke a bad reaction in that part of the world, so I blame them entirely for all of this.

What I'm curious about though is - are the Muslims simply angry about an image of Mohammed being published or the fact that he has that bomb turban? It seems the cartoonists were saying that Muslims are violent and dangerous, right? With all the violence, burning and attacks the very people who are upset have proven the cartoon to be true.

Funny though... there are plenty of Muslims in the US, and we're not seeing any rioting. I wonder why that is...?

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