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A few weekends ago my friend Tim wrote and recorded all the music to the short film "Bitch" by the lovely and talented Lilah Vandenburgh. Here, now, are some mp3s for your listening pleasure...

Tim says "Lilah wrote most of the lyrics, while I whipped up most of the music in collaboration with her during a two-day span. I spent one day recording and one day mixing: it was fun as hell. Since the music had to fit the mood of individual scenes in the movie, Lilah gave me such instructional hints as "make this sound like The Hives" and "make this sound like Phantom Planet." Did I succeed? You be the judge."

1) "Merchant Marine"

A garage rock song a la The Hives. Lilah envisioned a cheesy British merchant marine hitting on innocent Japanese girls. I had never EVER tried to howl like Jon Spencer... and the results are absolutely hilarious. As Mr. Pete Holden remarked, this will make your day.

2) "Casey and Georgia"

An "early L.A. punk song" a la X, off-key singing and everything. Vocals recorded with me gripping a SM58 microphone like a monkey. Lilah on backup vocals!

3) "Coffee House"

Some incidental, sensitive mood music.

4) "More Unity"

An "early hardcore song" a la Minor Threat or Black Flag. I wrote the lyrics in two seconds... and they absolutely RULE! Every hardcore cliché is in there: unity, backstabbing friends, "we need more kick ass shows," etc. Contradictions galore! Unity is not enough: we need MORE unity! I had never tried to scream hardcore style, so my throat was gone after two takes. I paced the room during recording, wrapping the mic chord around my arm like the guy from Strife. Lance, the engineer, brought his friend Eric in, and the four of us did gang vocals of "UNITY UNITY!" while trying desperately not to die laughing. During mixing, Lance ran around the control room doing back flips... and sprang his neck, hahaha.

5) "Following (Light)"

Hip hop-ish incidental music.

6) "Everybody Squirts"

Lilah got the performance rights to R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts," so we turned the last verse and chorus of the song into a fast, Descendants-style punk song. Once again the magic of "manhandling the SM58" yields magical results. I lost count in the very beginning: hence the false start. Lance thought it was funny so we kept it in there. Lilah made me sing like a 15 year-old, thus the sickeningly sweet delivery. She said she can't envision me singing this, but rather a 5'8" redheaded kid who she can have a crush on. "Oh he's so cute!" Personally I think the guy's name should be Jason Spielman. He would be every TRL girlie's wet dream.

7) "A Modern Dance"

The jewel in the crown that is "Bitch!" And by that I mean the only actual completed song on the soundtrack! It took me 15 minutes to write the entire thing, 0.2 seconds to come up with the vocal harmonies, and my sanity during recording because Lilah kept giving me musical theater vocal lessons (which ended up working... okay okay, she knows what she's talking about). I sound like a goddamn emo boy. Cheesiness aside, though, I actually quite like this song. Not just cuz of Lilah's mindblowing lyrics, but because the vocal hooks are kinda nice... don't you think? Jesus, I really should just sell out and make millions on crap like this.

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