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Door Man strike???

Umm... have we become SO lazy that this is of any actual importance? Will bathroom attendants go on strike next? Why is this prime time news? Guess I should be happy there's nothing more serious to report on!

I fully support thier right to strike though... but WHY is it being made out to be a huge deal? I mean, what - a bunch of lazy rich people will have hail thier own cabs, open thier own doors and wait for FED EX like the rest of us? What a hardship... I hope they all pull through ok.


Apr. 21st, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)
because dude...can you imagine the chaos that will ensue!!! There's going to be a TON of breakins in the UES, and like, OMG, if she hails that taxi, she could so ruin her $20 manacure! Cretins like us don't belong in random doorman buildings too, and if there were no doorman to stop people from coming into the apartment building, there will be more chaos!!!

basically, it's a big deal because there's rich people. And rich people whine.

I like my 4th floor walk up sans doorman just fine.