blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

I went on a location scouting mission today with no intention to really shoot anything, but found some great spots and some real "I'm not in NYC" spots. Since I only had the 50mm with me, these are all really just details... but I strongly recommend taking a walk from Battery Park to the WTC along the Hudson.

This was one of those "If only I'd been quicker" moments. Half a second before, that girl had given the man on the left the HUGEST smile and I JUST missed it... would've been great. But I do like her expression here - kind of a "What's up with those shoes?" look...

Hadn't seen the WTC from this perspective in quite some time, so this was interesting...

Geometric/linear vs. Organic:

Who knew there was a meadow in lower Manhattan?

Carlos Y Jackie.


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