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Scott Ian - prophet?

Hmmm... its occurred to me that the Stormtroopers of Death may have had a bit of a window into the future when they wrote thier classic song, Fuck The Middle East (off of the Speak English Or Die album) in 1985.

Fuck the middle east
There's too many problems
They just get in the way
We sure could live without them
They hijack our planes
They raise our oil prices
We'll kill them all and have a ball
And end their fuckin' crisis
BEIRUT, LEBANON-Won't exist once we're done
LIBYA, IRAN-We'll flush the bastards down the can
SYRIANS and SHIITES-Crush their faces with our might
Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these dicks

This song comes in at just under 27 seconds, so you can listen to the entire thing on the iTunes Music Store

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