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My friends film at Sundance...

So my friend Tim wrote, performed and recorded the score for a film showing at Sundance. If you're going to the festival, be sure to check out the film!

U.S.A., 2006, 15 Minutes, b/w

Lilah Vandenburgh
Lilah Vandenburgh

Love at first sneer.—

Screenwriter : Lilah Vandenburgh
Cast : Keira Leverton,Jaun Garcia, Katlin Rivers, Zia Harris, Kathy Bell-Denton

Screening Times

Friday , Jan 19 7:30 PM Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC SHTHR19BE
Friday , Jan 19 8:30 AM Prospector Square Theatre SHTHR19PM
Saturday , Jan 20 12:15 PM Holiday Village Cinema III SHTHR203D
Monday , Jan 22 8:30 PM Prospector Square Theatre SHTHR22PN
Saturday , Jan 27 5:30 PM Library Center Theatre SHTHR27LE

Screens With:

Shorts Program III programme
Director(s) Bios

Lilah Vandenburgh
Lilah Vandenburgh grew up in Long Beach, California and attended high school in Dallas. She was a vocalist in several bands, and a founder and artistic director of Mr. Toad's Theatre Circle. In addition to directing, Vandenburgh works as a film editor. BITCH is her thesis film from Columbia University's MFA program.

film?"), I have no choice but to announce that Bitch, a short film by Lilah Vandenburgh (soundtrack by yours truly), will be showing five times starting this weekend at Sundance Film Festival.

Official description:

"Bitch is a pop culture-vigilante, who administers “beat-downs” to the deserving. Be it your pretentious taste in music, your fugly clothes, your insipid pseudo-intellectual rantings, or your poseur attitude, she will find you and she will make you pay.

Love is for losers, and PDA couples make Bitch want to puke razor blades. That is until she meets a guy as antisocial as she is. Can they regulate the poseurs of the world together? Only if she can win him, but she may have to kick his ass first.

It’s a classic love story, rendered in a style so cynical, so blithely ultra-violent, and joyously scabrous as to be almost unrecognizable. This blackly comic satire draws inspiration from early cinema, mod and new wave filmmaking, punk music, newspaper collage, comic books and animation. Set to an original punk rock soundtrack and shot in 35mm black and white, the film is at once lo-fi and self-consciously slick. Check. It. Out."

I wrote the soundtrack in three days this past March, got some Musical Theater training (as well as lyrical input) from Lilah, recorded it all in a day and-a-half, and am proud to the gills (?) about the final results. Bitch has already received numerous awards from the faculty at Columbia University (where Lilah received her Masters in Directing), and in the coming year it will surely show at even more prestigious festivals (Tribeca, Toronto, etc.).

I will be at Sundance during the final weekend (Jan. 25th to 27th) to join in the celebrations. It will be righteous.

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