blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

Is it really only day 5?

So the Tribeca Film Festival continues...

I survived multiple assaults on the subway today by actors, fans and film makers all drawn to me by my credentials - tomorrow they will hide safely within my backpack until I'm safely near my destination. New York is full of nuts on an average day, but add a bunch of "film" people all drawn to a few central locations and the wierdness increases quickly....

I spent a quite a few more hours camped out on the red carpet today too... Julia Stiles never showed. I was hoping she'd make up for her dour appearance the other day... but no luck. She made a real mistake though, because 30+ still and film photographers were specifically waiting for her to attend her own films premiere... oh well.

The premiere of The Air I Breathe was very well attended though. Kevin Bacon (boring!) Brendan Fraser (goofy as ever...) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (a bit too goth for her own good) all managed to make it - as did the director and others... like they all should, right?

All in all, an interesting day. Tommorrow should be a bit lower key, but still some interesting celebs.... stay tuned.

More festival photos...

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