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Rounded corners.

Testing a new rounded corners technique - any suggestions for ways to simplify or streamline this?

Create a new layer.
Add rounded rectangle.
Using magic wand, select outside rounded rectangle.
Invert selection.
Invert selection
Flatten image.
Delete selection.
Invert selection.
Add stroke - white, 5


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Mar. 14th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
What kind of layer are you making in step 1? I was just putzing around with this, but it isn't seeing the rounded rectangle when I drop it in a new layer.

What's up? how're things going?
Mar. 14th, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)

Its just a blank, normal layer - I do it by clicking on that icon in the layers palette next to the trash icon (PS 7, might be different in later versions)

Not much going on here... I didn't get called back for that teaching job, so now I'm just kind of hanging out. The school where I teach regularly is on spring break for the next two weeks and aside from one shoot I've got very little planned. I WAS supposed to shoot today, but of course I got the email at midnight last night saying "family emergency, sorry...." Somehow I knew that would happen, but its always annoying!

Anything new up there?
Mar. 14th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
Things are picking up a little which is very cool. Most are turning into head shots of some kind; models, business portraits, etc, which I love, because its shooting people, and usually for the business stuff, its quick.

Right this minute I'm doing my first stuff for a local arts paper, which I thought would be good, but the woman running things (or rather, NOT running anything) is really opening my eyes to how lazy and unhelpful people can be. They contact me to do some shots of people in the area that have been voted "best of. . " (best waitress, best resturaunt, best cook, best hairdresser, etc) so I call to find out some information, and this paper, which is like, the big arts paper, doesn't hardly do anything in support for photographers. She emails me his half-assed list of names and phone numbers, tells me "here are the people" and then is expecting me to line everything up. PLUS, she has a deadline of next Thursday to get all these people photographed. She even sent one that simply said "Allysia, Chimmers, there till 2pm today" and she emailed this to me at Noon. No number, Don't know what town, etc.

Luckily, four of them are in Nashua (where I am), and I've called them and they will be coming to me at the studio on Saturday and Monday, and one of this is some local band that is getting big.

So I'll be doing some nice studio portraits and I've emailed saying I can't get all these people done, just the ones in Nashua.

Plus they pay some insulting thing like 20 bucks per photo. Probably because they don't place any emphasis on their photos.

Hopefully if I give them really nice studio portraits, it will 1. show them up a bit and my stuff will look really classy while the other stuff will look like crap and 2. stand out in a full glossy magazine.

Sorry, I'm ranting.

But aside from that, things are looking nice for a change. Nothing that I can make a living from yet, but I've got more and more dates on my calendar filling up. Its exciting!

We should still meet up sometime. You come up and I'll buy ya a good lunch :)

Mar. 16th, 2008 05:02 am (UTC)
Well, I think you're wise to tell them you can't do the out of town stuff... at least getting the few people to come to you cuts down on the effort and gets people through the studio doors - who knows if that might lead to referrals or something. But 20 bucks... yeah, nobody wants to pay anything anymore, I guess. For a stupid shot of a stock isolated-on-white hamburger (or whatever) then fine... but a custom portrait? That's pushing it, to say the least.

We should definitely meet up. Although I have no reason to believe that gas prices will DECREASE, I'd like very much to head up your way this summer, so maybe sometime in June or July?

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