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That's it!

I've been blown off for a shoot for the very last time. I'm using agency models only, from now on. I think its going to be worth the expense to offset the continual headache of unreliable models.


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Apr. 9th, 2008 07:50 pm (UTC)
unreliable models
Sorry for the random comment, came over from behind_the_lens to check out your journal. Just a little story for you: I had a guy book this studio rental space I worked for in New York, from London. He had three custom made dresses made for a particular model he really wanted to shoot, had been talking to her for months. By the look of the dresses they were pretty pricey. This guy flys in on Monday night, gets to the studio on Tuesday Morning, with a makeup artist, stylist, hair stylist, all flown from London on the Photographers dime. Two hours into his rental time still no model. Three hours in he gets an email, not even a phone call, that she wasn't coming, no reason, no nothing. This photographer was out thousands due to this model.
During my time running this studio I witnessed hundreds of these stories unfold due to models not showing. So yea, go with an agency. Cheers.
Apr. 9th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Re: unreliable models
Don't apologize - I welcome comments from anyone!

And while I haven't had any cancellations that have been quite as costly as that guy's, its the wasted time and lack of ability to book someone else at the last minute that's killing me. Twice this week, I had no-show/no call/no email experiences. Never again. I've got an agency that I used to do some work for, and their rates are affordable so that's the way I'm going. I figure if the model has someone to answer to other than me, they'll be far less likely to flake. I hope...

What studio did you work at?
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