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Commute Route...

I've been trying to work out the most efficient (hopefully quickest) public transportation route from Port Authority to 83rd and East End Ave. This will be a regular commute, so the 15 dollar taxi ride is out of the question. So far, I see these as my basic options, but any suggestions or other routes would be appreciated!

- C train to 80th St then Bus across 80th - this bus actually goes all the way to East End, so walking is
almost zero.
- Shuttle to the 6. 6 to 86th, then walk back to 83rd and over 5(blocks). Lots of walking. Not appealing.
- E train to Lex, then switch to the 6 - same problems as above.
- Bus across 42nd to First Ave, then Bus (m15 I think) up first ave. Slow, but minimal walking right? Would drop me fairly close to my destination.

ETA: Its been suggested to try taking the A/C to 59th then the M31 across town and up York. This is currently looking like the easiest but perhaps not the quickest route.


May. 18th, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)

I posted this over at the NewYorkers community, and someone else recommended Hopstop which I'd never heard of. BUT, someone else suggested what I think will be a very convenient option - Take the A/C to 59th street, and apparently you can exit onto 57th street where you can pick up the M31 bus which travels across town then up York. I'm going to try a few different routes before the job starts to see what works out best though!