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Anyone good at math?

Getty Images now wants files that are a minimum of 17.5 megapixels. Only the DS Mk III supplies that right out of the camera, so some upsizing will be necessary (Getty allows this) to get my 4368x2912 files from the 5D up to that size. I also need to retain the same file proportions. Upsizing the 2912 to 3500 gives me a file that's 5250x3500 - a tiny bit larger than needed. Great! But given my lack of math skills, I can't figure out if there's another way to go about this... any thoughts?

I guess my basic question is: Is 5250x3500 the smallest size that will meet the 17.5 mp requirement AND retain the file proportions?

And any technique suggestions for upsizing are appreciated as well. Its something I've never needed to do... but I'll be doing it with PS7, no additional software unless its free.


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May. 28th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
Big Head (balljar) replied to a LiveJournal post
(http://community.livejournal.com/photopros/130204.html) in which
blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) said:

Getty Images now wants....

Their reply was:

Subject: Math is fun!


X times Y equals 17,500,000.

X/Y equals 1.5 - X equals 1.5Y

1.5Y times Y equals 17,500,000

1.5(Y^2) equals 17,500,000

Y^2 equals 11,666,667

Y equals the square root of 11,666,667

Y equals 3415.65 - lets call it 3416.

X equals 1.5 times 3416 - X equals 5124

3416 times 5124 equals 17,503,584.


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