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Anyone have any suggestions on how I can reword this to be more "positive". I realize its filled with alot of "do not..." but I'm not sure how to word all this so that its not so negative.

This is a pdf that I plan to send out to potential models who have responded to my (probably craigslist) casting calls. I generally reply to them saying "here's what I'm shooting, and this is the compensation...." If they're still interested, this would be something I'd send in the next email along with the model release and further discussion of the details of the shoot.

note: I've decided to put this sheet together after years of running into the same issues repeatedly. Its tiresome to address them over and over again and honestly, some of them are common sense things....

Studio Information and Policy

My studio is in my home in Carlstadt, NJ. 600 Hackensack Street on the corner of Summit Avenue.
Visiting my website ( will allow you to view other examples of my work as well as a photo of the studio. Please note that there is a separate bathroom and dressing room as well. Directions are available by visiting This will open my listing on Google maps. Additionally, you'll find reviews of my work from prior models and clients.

A model release is required and will be provided in advance. You will need to fill out the model info section completely. If you are signing as the parent/guardian of a minor, you need to fill out both the model and parent sections completely even if the information is identical – DO NOT write “same” or anything else. Please fill in all fields as requested. Please use your street address even if this is not your mailing address – PO Boxes are not acceptable. You will need another adult to witness your signature. They should sign in the lower right of the model release. Obviously, if they are witnessing your signature, all dates should match. Please do not sign the document on different dates.

Please make an effort to assure that you bring a complete release to the shoot! You’ll receive the release in PDF format well in advance of the shoot, so please contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns about it prior to the shoot. DO NOT wait until the day of the shoot to raise issues regarding the release, but please also note that none of the language or terms of the release can be altered – they are set by my agency, Getty Images and are required.

In the event of an incomplete release, if the shoot terms include monetary compensation, payment for the shoot will be made however no images will be provided until a model release is received. If the shoot is in exchange for a model release, preview images will be available, but no proofs or final images will be delivered until a complete release is received.

Following the shoot, 2-3 sample images are typically emailed to the model. Within two weeks, proof images will be made available via private link. The model may then make selections of 2 images per outfit. Please be sure to reference the “IMG” number when emailing your choice of images. Images on the server will be listed as 1, 2, 3, etc but this may change – the IMG number is permanent and will assure that you receive the correct images.

The model must return a list of image selections within two weeks of receiving the link.
The model agrees not to share the link to the proof images, download them or post them elsewhere.
The final selection of retouched images will be made available for download for one week unless prior arrangements are made.
The photographer does not provide hosting, backup or storage services. It is the models responsibility to backup and store images. The photographer does not guarantee that images will be available beyond the initial delivery period.
No unedited/retouched/raw images will be available.

The compensation that I offer is $xxx per hour (Minimum of 3 hours paid.) plus 2 fully retouched, un-watermarked, print resolution (approximately 3000x2000 pixels) images of the models choice per look/outfit change. Look/outfit change is defined as a significant alteration of clothing, location or theme – for example, adding a hat is not a new look.

Please limit the shoot attendees to only those who are necessary. It is expected that a model may have someone giving them a ride to the shoot who attends, but additional friends are unnecessary – and unwelcome. The dressing room is small and cannot accommodate a crowd.

Parents – please make arrangements for non-model children to be elsewhere or to be supervised by another adult during the shoot. If the other children can entertain themselves without being a distraction, that’s fine. However, experience tells me this is not often the case – its difficult for most kids to sit for 4 hours while a sibling works, and unfortunately there’s no room for the child to “roam” – only the dressing room. Please take this into strong consideration when planning your visit to the studio.

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