blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

Let's make a photo calendar!

Let's make a photo calendar!

Would anyone like to collaborate on a project? I'd like to put together a photo calendar of the best work I can find. I have done this with my own work at and have had excellent results. Here's a link to my work: Here

What I propose is that those who are interested, send me one favorite photo,which I will upload to my page and create a calendar.

Here are the details:

This will be a NOT FOR PROFIT project. It will not cost you anything to participate, and I will not profit financially from it. Your photos will remain your own. I will not ask for, and do not want any copyrights, etc.

Here is how the process will work. You email indicating that you are interested. I respond. You email me an image of your choice. Notes on images: they must be high quality. Ideally, 1725x1350 300dpi (or larger) in order to print to Cafe Press standards. I am willing to do a little cropping and resizing, but please don't send me something awful from your webcam! Also, subject matter should be family friendly...!

Next, I will upload and arrange the photos. I reserve the right to choose which photo goes with which month, as well as all other creative decisions which may arise. Input and suggestions are welcome, though!

Finally, I will notify everyone when the calendar is complete. You will then be able to purchase one (or more) at the base price set by cafe press. Again, remember, I will not mark up the price and will not make any profit. I just want to collaborate with other photographers!

I have probably left out some things, so please feel free to email me if you have questions! Also, pass this info along to anyone who you think might be interested. I will do more than one calendar if I get enough interest.



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