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Where to shoot from?

Can anyone tell me where this (and all the similar shots out there) was taken from? http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanbudhu/6141507082

I've emailed the photographer, but no answer. I've looked at the map and there are a few likely spots but I thought someone might just know - and save me the guesswork. Unfortunately, I don't have time to drive around scouting before Tuesday... Thanks in advance!


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Sep. 8th, 2012 05:12 am (UTC)
Looks like Liberation Monument in Jersey City. If not, it might be taken from a boat in the harbor.
Sep. 8th, 2012 05:33 am (UTC)
I don't think a boat is the answer, because sharp long exposures just can't be had with a moving platform without very sophisticated equipment, yet this angle is not all that uncommon. And the Liberation Monument would not allow for the right angle - I was just there.
It MIGHT be Port Terminal Boulevard in Bayonne, but that still doesn't seem quite right. The Staten Island Ferry terminal seems almost right, but I know this shot and others were take with shorter focal length lenses and from SI, you'd need 400mm minimum to achieve the same compression of depth of field.
Sep. 8th, 2012 08:51 am (UTC)
Just saw your request on the comm. I'm reposting the brief excerpt per the comment; hope the statement (assumption) is correct!

"ksk photography (12 months ago)

you took this on port jersey boulevard on the waterfront in jersey city...i was the guy in the corner with the four cameras :)
Sep. 8th, 2012 08:50 am (UTC)
On the line from Liberty statue to Jewish Heritage Museum we have this point, Google: -74.07083970807814 40.67111283310492

Due to focal length and crop factor we can try to move the point to Cape Liberty, but the combination of statue's viewing angle and faces of museum building makes this move impossible.
Move right to see statue more frontal and museum more angled.
Move left and Jersey port blocks the view.

Edited at 2012-09-08 10:28 am (UTC)
Sep. 8th, 2012 06:34 pm (UTC)

Luckily though, I DID just get a reply from the photographer - so I"m all set! :)
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