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Are you down with G-O-D?

Are you down with G-O-D?

Now that much of the hype surrounding Mel Gibson's "Passion" has died down, I figured the most people would be bored... and ready for another dose of Christ....

The most likely option for those experiencing a spiritual lull would be the new movie Saved! This movie featuring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, and Macaulay Culkin is just edgy enough to push a few buttons, but apparently the happy ending makes up for it all. And hey... its produced by Michael Stipe... whatever that means. Check out the trailer for a taste of the action... it sure as hell made me laugh.
If this doesn't do it for you, and you happen to be one of the few people left with enough spare time to read a book, then get a copy of The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. This book by Chris Fuhrman is a fantastic read. One of my favorites! It was also made into a movie, released in 2002, which interestingly enough also features Jena Malone and the other Culkin, Kieran. This movie falls short in some ways, but Todd McFarlane's animation sequences give it a twist that was not present in the book. All in all, the two wind up complementing each other nicely.
For those who need a super quick Jesus fix, I recommend following this link: JESUS! For you sports nuts, maybe you'll be satisfied by just picking up one of these nifty statues: Sports Figures
Personally, I'm looking forward to bobsled Jesus and hang-gliding Jesus… but that's just me…

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