blaneyphoto (blaneyphoto) wrote,

The gods made heavy metal (and fashion..) and saw that it was good...

Block Magazine Rock and Roll Fashion Show
June 3, 2004
Club Europa,
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

When Manowar sang "The Gods made heavy metal" I doubt they were referring to the Gods of Fire but in their performance at the Block Magazine Rock and Roll Fashion Show, this band did live up to the promise to play it louder than Hell! Although I had no idea who these guys were, they turned out to be the perfect complement to the fashion being displayed on the runway. Normally, I really wouldn't get into the whole theatrical metal thing… makeup, vinyl pants, etc. but this was different somehow. I think I enjoyed watching them more than the models, which were walking the runway as the band performed.
The clothing featured was from various Brooklyn designers and covered a wide range of fashion territory; from t-shirts to swimwear. Clearly all those involved were talented and inventive. I liked a lot of what I saw.
Like concept cars at an auto show, there were also many pieces that I assume were intended to showcase the designers' talent and not clothe the general population. Among these, I particularly liked the dress made from vintage Star Wars bed sheets. I had a set of these, back in the day… Who knew they could become fashion? The "shirts" which I believe were made from metal and mirror pieces were definitely interesting… although they amounted to little more than a necklace in terms of coverage. Recommended only for wearing in the warmest days of summer…
There's no doubt that the free Grey Goose Vodka hour was a draw for many, but the Club was packed wall-to-wall almost as soon as the doors opened and everyone appeared to be having an excellent time.
All in all, it was a fun evening for me… and I just might go check out the Gods of Fire sometime again.


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